21 Dares Subscribers

Thanks for reading my mystery-suspense novel, 21 Dares. In the book, McKenzie and Susan came up with a list of 21 Birthday Challenges for Abbie to complete. That's actually a popular birthday party game, especially for people turning twenty-one. Although not every dare was mentioned in the book, there is a full list of 21 Dares out there. If you'd like the list, just let me know your email address. 

The email address will remain private. I don't SPAM. I won't give it to anyone else, either. I will send an occasional email about a new mystery-suspense novel coming out or suggest a great book I recently read. However, you won't hear from me too often. Feel free to email me though to  give some feedback, ask a question or just to say, "hi." 

Now, where would you like me to send your List of 21 Dares from the novel?
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